We consciously choose a broad education for our young dancers so that they are not limited in their choice to continue in a certain style.

Toddler dance

Age: 3 to 5 yrs

The main object is to have fun and enjoy the classes. We emphasize on rhythm, creativity, leniency and posture.
The children learn to improve their mobility in a playful manner.


Age: 6 yrs

In this class basic movements and dance techniques take a central part.
We focus on posture, leniency, feeling for rhythm and appearance.

Jazz dance - Modern Jazz

Age: 7 yrs to adults

The warm-up is followed with center & across the floor exercises. We then practice a dance combination.
The music varies from modern contemporary to funky and jazzy style. We focus on expression, energy and body control.
During the Modern Jazz classes we emphasize on breathing, dynamics and use of space.

Contemporary Dance

Age: 11+ years

We start the contemporary classes from the intention, which then results in a form.
Attention is paid to release and ground techniques (rolling, falling, sliding, ...)
Using all possible movement impulses, we create an original, personal and less recognizable movement language.

Hip Hop/Streetdance

Age: 5 yrs to adults

A dance class with contemporary movements on R & B and Hip Hop music.
During the warm-up we learn specific techniques in order to use them for a choreography.

Total Body Workout (TBW)

Age: Teens 16 yrs to adults

A fat-burning training with specific exercises for the legs, thighs, arms and stomach muscles.
This is a unique experience to keep your body in shape taking into account everyone’s needs and capabilities.

Yoga Flow

Age: Teens 16 yrs to adults

At the rhythm of breathing, one pose flows to the other. You feel the positive energy flowing through your body and feel muscles you did not even know they existed.
As we work with different variations, the sessions are accessible to both beginners as well as advanced.
It's not a competition, you go as far as your body can and wants to go.
After the exercises, we end the session with relaxation followed by meditation.

Yoga Kids

Age: 6 to 9 yrs

Kids yoga is there for every individual child. It's a combination of yoga and games, which results in rest and fun.

Yoga and breathing exercises are combined with music, movement and relaxation.
Children become aware of themselves, their body, emotions and environment.
It is important that they become self-confident and acquire a good balance.
Non-competitive play and moments of relaxation are important for the development of a child

Yoga Teens

Age: 10 yrs to 16 yrs

Teenagers experience major changes and are exposed to more pressure. Wanting to be individuals but also the desire to participate with others.
Yoga allows you to be yourself and you can do it at your own pace.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

In our day to day modern way of life teenagers experience a lot of frustration which, owing to a busy daily schedule they are not always able to cope with.
Moreover, the few moments of relaxation are mostly taken up with social media such as TV, gaming ...resulting in more frustration.
During this class we emphasize on a correct yoga posture and attention is paid to breathing exercises.


Age: 3 yrs to adults

During the year various workshops will be organized.
The information with regard to these events will be communicated during the dance year.

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